When the word gynecomastia comes to your mind, your first thought maybe it’s something that described a certain condition where men develop enlarged breasts which are also known as man boobs. If you think that you are the one who has gynecomastia, then you are wrong.

This is something very common, and almost every man faced this once in their entire life. It happens at the young age when your body faces some hormonal level disturbance. You should be very careful about this as it can make you feel embarrassment in front of your family and friends. So you should look into this and can prevent gynecomastia.

Some main reasons in classification of gynecomastia

You may know that there are many ways to classify gynecomastia in men because every gynecomastia has different symptoms and treatment. Various facts are there which develop a different type of gynecomastia. For example, development of glandular tissue may be the reason behind some gynecomastia, and some gynecomastia develops in puberty.

If you are thinking about just normal gynecomastia in males, the main reason behind this is a hormonal imbalance. Some medical condition like Klinefelter Syndrome can be the main reason behind the hormonal imbalance in men. In such cases, you can do a hormone treatment to reduce this gynecomastia. Another group is obesity.

This means gynecomastia caused by adipose tissue fatter tissue gathered in the chest area which makes others feel that men have breasts. It has another name, i.e., Pseudo or false gynecomastia. If you have these symptoms then there is nothing to worry. This is very common and can be cured very easily. Here you just need to reduce your body’s fat level.

You can do that with a controlled diet and some intense exercise. It will reduce the appearance of the breast in men. Sometimes excessive weight loss in high obese patients can make skin saggy, and it may look like sagging boobs. Then you can take help of different surgical treatments and can remove the excess skin. You can get a smooth and normal chest again. Steroid abuse can be a reason for gynecomastia.

You can find this type of gynecomastia in athletes, wrestlers, and bodybuilders. They often consume anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) which can cause gynecomastia in its purest form. Gynecomastia of this kind is hard to see but later when they lower their exercise and body work out level, then it became more noticeable. Surgical treatment can reduce this.

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Some medical treatments may have few side effects

If you think that with the help of some medication you can get rid of gynecomastia, then here you should think again and you should have some knowledge about some medicine’s side effect can cause gynecomastia. Some medication can develop estrogen effect in men’s body. Estrogens are used in prostate cancer treatment and some other diseases.

Besides that, marijuana and some drugs like methyldopa which is used for blood pressure treatment can lead to gynecomastia. Cimetidine used of peptic ulcer, diazepam, antidepressants, and spironolactone can also develop gynecomastia as a side effect from that medicine. First, make yourself familiar with all these things before you think about any gynecomastia treatment.

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