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Before going down the road with anabolic steroids, many people are concerned about how long this element will remain in their system. In fact, many people have searched online and everywhere else to shed more light about this crucial question. However, this is a question that can vary with answers since the length of time depends on the type that has been used. This is why one should have a basic understanding of the type of steroid they want to use. Knowing how long it will last in your system is also important.

To be able to answer this question, one will need to learn more about steroids half-lives. This will help you decide which one of them will suit your needs.

What is steroid’s half-live?

Half-life is the length of time it will take for a half of a particular steroid in your body to disappear. This information and data is what will shed some light on the time a certain compound will take before it completely disappears from your system. Different types of steroids have varying half-lives. The longer the half-life, the more time it will take before you are free of this compound in your system. For instance, Anadrol takes 16 hours or even less. Andriol, Winstrol and Halotestin and takes 8 hours or less. Trenbolone on the other hand takes 2 to 3 days before you can be clean.

Testosterone Half-lives

For many athletes, they normally pair their anabolic steroids with a base from testosterone. Just like any other steroid, different testosterones compounds have varying half-lives as well. As such, most of those athletes concerned with any testing of these steroids during a competition will avoid which have a longer half-life. Testosterone cypionate and enanthate are ones which have longer half-lives which is why they are avoided by many athletes.

Association of half-lives with common supplements

There are cases when testing will go for more than detecting steroids. Sometimes they will also look for some usual supplements used during a steroid’s cycle and even after the cycle. Some of these compounds include Arimidex which takes 4 to 6 hours, clomid takes 8 to 12 hours while HCG takes up to 64 hours. Before taking any of these supplements, it is imperative to know how long they will last in the system.

Half-life vs detection times

To understand how long a steroid will take to be out of your system, then it is important to know that its half-life is not the same as the detection time. Detection time describes that time when a compound could show up in a test after being introduced into the body. This involves using some compiled calculations and equations which will help you arrive at the correct figures. Some bodybuilders have already compounded them for you hence it will not be difficult to find.

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